The following items are available to rent for $1 each / 30 days, from our club library at the monthly meetings. 


The Spirit of Woodturning, David Ellsworth AAW, 4 copies

Turning Projects from Scrap, Robert Rosand, AAW

Skill Building Projects, Mark St.Leger, AAW

A Turning Tradition, Ray Huskey, AAW

An Introduction to Bowl Turning, Rus Hurt, AAW

Architectural Woodturner, Myron Curtis, AAW

Bowl Basics, Lyle Jamieson

Tools and Techniques, Lyle Jamieson (TT Demo)

In Depth Hollowing Techniques, Lyle Jamieson

Hollow Forms and Urns, Mike Mahoney

Vessels of Illusion, Trent Bosch

Vessels of Illusion, Trent Bosch, (TT Demo)

Making a Peppermill, Ted Sokolowski

Gilding & Chemical Patinations, David Marks & Grace Baggot

The International Turning Exchange, 2006, The Wood Turning Center

Rock-A-Bye Box, Mark St.Leger, (TT demo) 10/27/2015

Rock-A-Bye Box, Mark St.Leger, (TT demo) 7/27/2010

Connections: Wood Artists, from the Wood Turning Center

Square Oriental Boxes, Jimmy Clewes, Virginia Woodturning Symposium 2012

Ovoid Forms, Brian Noble-Marx, Virginia Woodturning Symposium 2012

Pyrography, Molly Winton,  Virginia Woodturning Symposium 2014

Bowl Turning, Stuart Batty, Virginia Woodturning Symposium 2014

Basic Cuts, Stuart Batty, Virginia Woodturning Symposium 2014

Demystifying the Skew, Alan Lacer, (TTDemo) 11/24/2009 2 copies

Oriental Boxes, Dick Hines  (TT Demo)

Silver Inlay, Dick Hines, (TT Demo)

Hollow Forms, Dick Hines, ( TT Demo) 1/26, 2010

Cabriole Legs, Richard McGann (TT Demo)

Christmas Ornament Angel, John DeLong, (TT demo)

Offset Candlestick/Multi axis platter, Larry Shiera, (TT demo)

Tri Cornered Vessel, Bret Glaze, (TT Demo)

Classic Profiles: Production turning Balusters, Dennis White

Novelties and Project, Dennis White, (TT Demo)

Drums, Michael Birchfield, (TT Demo)

Hollow Forms, Kim Blatt, (TT Demo)

Wood Structure and Elevated Vessels, David Barringer (TTDemo)

Metal Turning, Steve Ainsworth, (TT Demo)

Ornaments with Piercings & Sanding Techniques, Bruce Hoover, (TT Demo)

Turning on the Bias, Tom Crabb (TT Demo)

Norfolk Island Pine, Mitch Warlock (TT Demo)

Methods of Work, Fred Williamson, (TT Demo) 8/2009

Towel Rack, Dick Harrison (TT Demo) 1/09

Wood Turning Slides, Joe Dickey (TT Demo) (2 copies) 2/23 2010

Bowl Talk, Decisions, Doug Finkeel, (TT Demo) May 2008

Turning Bandsaw Boxes, Tom Crabb, ( TTDemo) 5/26/2009

Bottle  Stoppers, Al Kiebert, (TT Demo) 9/23/2008

Finishing Techniques, Various TT Members, (TT Demo) 10/27/2009 2 copies

Finials and Burls, Jim Syverson,  (TT Demo) 9/28/2010

Urchins of Venice, Jim Vogel, (TT Demo) 6/22/2010

Oneway Easy Core System, Larry Shiera, (TT Demo) 4/27/2010

Embellishments with Dye and Pyro, John Noffsinger, (TT Demo) 3/23/2010, 1&2 of 2 discs

Thin Walled Green Wood Bowls, Clifton Chisum, (TT Demo) 2/22/2011

Spindle Turning, Rueben Everette, (TT Demo) 1/25/2011

Christmas Tribute, Bulletin & Slideshow 2015, Steve Wilson

Wood Turning, Bill Caillet, (TT Demo) 5/5/2010

Bowl Techniques, Clifton Chisum (TT Demo) 2/23/2016

End Grain Turning, Mark Supik (TT Demo) 2/22/2016

Pen Turning, Art Green (TT Demo) 4/26/2016

Cane Turning, Pete Summers (Club Demo) 6/28/2016

Platters, Dion Fralich (Club Demo) 07/23/2016

Platter Foot Design & Texturing, Amos Peterson (Club Demo) 08/29/2016

Lathe Mounting Techniques,  Jerry Whitehurst (Club Demo) 09/27/2016

Turning Tagua Nuts, Larry Shiera (Club Demo) 01/26/2017

Finishing Techniques, Ron Thomas (Club Demo) 03/25/2017

Segmented Turning, Bill Caillet (Club Demo) 04/25/2017



Practical Woodturning Projects, AAW softcover

Turning Holiday Ornaments, AAW softcover

Learning at the Lathe, AAW softcover

Sharpening Turning Tools, AAW softcover

Making and using Turning Tools, AAW softcover

Lathes and Turning Tools, AAW softcover

Turning Bowls and Platters, AAW softcover.

Getting Started in Woodturning, AAW softcover, 2 copies, 1 & 2 of 2