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December 1, 2018
Club Announcements
January 4, 2019

The Ceramic Designers Association, the local pottery guild, has invited us to participate with them in their 21st annual “Empty Bowls Charity Dinner”.  Well, it’s time to step up to the lathe and do what we all love to do; turn some bowls.  The dinner will be held at Virginian Wesleyan College on Friday, March 15, 2019.  For anyone who would like to attend, I will provide info later regarding time, where to get tickets, etc.

Here is how the fundraiser works: 

Everything is donated.  That includes the facility, food, labor, ceramic and wooden bowls, and everything else.  Attendees purchase tickets for the dinner for $25 per person.  With their ticket they get a dinner and, as a bonus, get to select one of the donated bowls.  In keeping with the bowl theme, the dinner is a choice of gourmet soup with fancy bread and a drink.  Last year’s soups were Virginia Wesleyan Chowder, Turkey Chili, and Minestrone.   ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM TICKET SALES GO TO LOCAL CHARITIES.  The focus of the Empty Bowls Dinner is to address the issue of hunger in our local communities.  The charities are the Help and Emergency Response Shelter (H.E.R.), Oasis Ministries, Samaritan House, Judeo Christian Outreach Center, Union Mission, and The Food Bank.  Last year over 1200 tickets were sold, and that means over $30,000 was contributed to local charities.  Personally, I love that all the proceeds (with no overhead costs taken out) go to charities, and it all stays in our home area. 

Now comes your part.  We can’t pull this off without the empty bowls.  Last year a turner independently donated ten bowls which ended up being a big hit.  That is what gave them the idea to invite us to work with them.  I have been told that they will accept bowl donations up to the last minute, but the sooner they get the bowls the better it is.  Simply put, you cannot sell a ticket promising someone a bowl that you do not have.  If everyone in out club makes and donates just one bowl apiece, that would raise over $2500 for charity.  If half of our membership makes and donates just two bowls apiece, that also would raise over $2500.  As individuals working together as a group we can make an impact.  The only criteria is to make a bowl.  No size requirement, doesn’t have to be exotic wood, no need to do fancy embellishments…   Just make a bowl and give it away for a good cause.  And if you can make more than one, that is even better.  I will be accepting donated bowls at the January and February meetings.  If you have bowls to donate after the February meeting, we’ll figure out how to get them to the right place.  Over $325,000 has been raised over the past seventeen years for local charitable organizations.  Now we, The Tidewater Turners, can be part of that effort.

 Answers to dumb questions I have asked:

  • 1. If you attend the dinner, you do not have to eat your soup out of the bowl that you select to take home.
  • 2. You can donate a bowl without having to attend the dinner.
  • 3. You can attend the dinner without donating a bowl.  All you have to do is buy a ticket.
  • 4. If you donate a bowl and wish to attend the dinner, you still have to buy a ticket.  This is a charity fundraiser, and you are not the charity.


Thank you for whatever you can do to help.

Cliff Guard