Turning of the Year


Bret Glaze has received the award for this year’s Turning of the Year.
He was presented with a gift certificate at tonight’s Christmas Party.
His piece is a Tri Cornered Lidded Goblet.
The wood is a combination of Sycamore and Zircotte.

Bret Glaze - September

 His piece was chosen from this year’s turning of the Month winners.
Thank you to all that participated

Meeting Changes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the December 4 Board Meeting it was decided to make a couple of changes to our meeting format.

  • Beginning with the January 2015 meeting and with any other meeting that we have a paid demonstrator we will NOT have a Show and Tell.
  • We will also continue to hold our raffles but in a slightly different manner. Upon entering the meeting and before the meeting begins, you will be able to purchase tickets and during the demonstration break, winners will be announced. Ticket prices: $1 ea.  $5 for 6 — $10 for 12.

We feel these changes would allot more time for the demonstration and also, more members will now be able participate in the raffle and still be able to leave at a reasonable time after the demonstration.

Hope you enjoy the changes. Thank You

For Sale

Oneway Lathe

It is currently listed at Craft Supplies at $2490, so the $1850 asking price is not bad, considering the condition. The photos suggest this is in pristine condition. It does not appear to come with a lot of accessories, just basically what originally came with the machine. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking around for possible comparable sale prices, so there may be something better than $2490 out there for a new one.

This one has 1×8 drive stock, and 2MT spindle and tailstock.

Terry Richards found this item on Craigslist…

Pass this on to your significant other — it will make a great Christmas gift!


Looking for other gift ideas? Check our online store and give Connie a call to purchase.