Who We Are!

Tidewater Turners is a non-profit organization located in Norfolk, Virginia. We wish to promote the advancement of woodturning skills to our members and other interested persons through an open exchange of knowledge, ideas and information.

Our Meetings

Each meeting has a demonstration on topics such as turning Christmas ornaments, multi-axis turning, how to make your own tools and more. After the demo members and guests share what they have worked on during the past month. We also hold raffles where members can win wood, tools, lathe parts and more

Public Events

Throughout the year our club will hold public demos, workshops, shows and wood gatherings. We strive to increase public awareness of woodturning as a popular craft and as an art form.

Guest Demonstrators

See You There!


The Tidewater Turners welcome you to our web site and to the joy of woodturning in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our club has over 120 members dedicated to the craft of woodturning and it is our sincere wish to share our interest and knowledge of woodturning with others. Our web site is a small part of our sharing as it is only one of several venues we use to reach out to those interested in woodturning. We hope you enjoy your journey through our web site and find it inspiring you to take up woodturning and/or come join us at one of our meetings.

Chuck Horton


Cliff Guard

Lidded Maple (dyed)

Kenn Young

Bowl - Hawaiian Myrtle

Steve Wilson

Lidded Vessel

Amos Peterson

Bowl - Walnut

Ray Hartley

Segment Bowl (angled cut variation)

Dick Hines

Vessel - Elm Burl

Bret Glaze

Salt/Pepper Mill - Ash, Maple, Yellowheart